management solution

Managing geographically dispersed sales and distribution channels?

We have developed an all-in-one Sales & Distribution management platform for brands, distributors and wholesalers, optimizing all aspects of Retail Sales & Distribution.

Boost & Amplify

Retail Sales & Distribution

We have build an innovative cloud-based platform that can help you digitize the complete Sales & Distribution processes from Order taking, Managing products & inventory to fulfillment.

You will be able to manage your,

  • Entire Retail Universe
  • Products & Stock Levels
  • Sales & Field Force

It also serves as intelligence tool that will help analyze and expand sales operations with concrete information to plan marketing, distribution & sales strategies ensuring that you stay on top in the industry.

Collecting Retail outlet data

is the single most important key in todays Retail sales and Distribution Market

Our innovative tool allows you to make better decisions and forge great relationships with your retailers by analyzing their purchasing habits, your products demand and sell through in each of their demographics, and Leverage the right data to offer right sale schemes and marketing campaigns for each one of them.

Key Features

  • Centralized Database of your entire Retail Universe
  • Registration And On Boarding Of New Retail Partners
  • Mapping Of Retail Strength In Any Territory, Area Or Region.
  • Retail Purchasing Trends
  • Retail Payment Collection Trends
  • Retail Credit Limit And Other Payment Terms
  • Identification of Churned Retail Partners

Real-time Inventory Database

Capable of connecting Multiple Warehouses and distributors.

We have build a robust Product & Inventory Management System that provides a real-time inventory database capable of connecting multiple Warehouses and Distribution Channels. Meanwhile providing a real time data on inventory and stock levels to the field force for efficient order booking and sales.

Key Features

  • Product & Inventory Tracking Across Multiple Locations
  • Managing Inventory Orders & Shipments
  • Instant Inventory Re Pricing Mechanism
  • Multiple Packaging & Pricing options
  • Create multiple t e-Catalogue for different Teams, Area or Regions
  • Availability of Live Inventory & Stock levels for your Field force
  • Restocking & Audit

Boost Sales and manage field force - effortlesslys

This modules provide a complete 360 view on sale trends in one window and also help analyze the real time progress of each sales journey from retailer onboarding, order booking and to supply. It also helps assess and improve the sales force productivity and KPI management.


  • Geo Fenced Attendance Management
  • Sales Journey Planning And Optimization
  • KPI & Sales Target Setting & Monitoring
  • History Of Retail Visits
  • 360 Degree Sales Force Performance & Sales Route Monitoring
  • Transferring Of Field Force With In Different Territories

Get Real-time and True intelligence

of your entire operations

Business Intelligence Module basically provides timely, accurate as well as actionable real time insight of business- making you a proactive decision maker rather than a reactive one. It will also help the entire management to take real time decision on sales, stock level and workforce performance.


  • 360-degree Insight Into The Business
  • Faster Response To Business Related Queries
  • Obtaining Important Business Reports Whenever And Wherever Needed.
  • Valuable Insight Into Retail Market’s Behavior.
  • Ad-hoc Query And Analysis
  • Live Management Dashboards According To Management Job Roles


The Mobile App provides the functionality and ease for your sales team to register retail outlets, manage shop orders, view & collect payments and also has an intuitive product catalogue built into it for up-selling & cross-selling of different products.


GEO Tagging or GPS locations will be used to capture the location of your retailers, track field officers, daily route assignments, and enforce geo fences within which a field agent is allowed to operate.


Field agents can perform their day to day activities from Attendance Marking, Order Booking, Add/Update Retailers, View Product catalogues and can store them digitally.


In areas with no connectivity, your field force can securely store and access client data on their mobile device and use it to carry out their daily operations with out any loss of productivity.


When connected to an internet connection, digital field mobile app will automatically synchronize all the data from mobile to cloud and cloud to mobile in real time.

Ready to Create a complete paperless environment for your Inventory Management, Order Booking & Supply Processes.